The site contains all the project materials and software tools necessary for building a modern, general-purpose computer system from the ground up.

The materials are aimed at students, instructors, and self-learners. Everything is free and open-source, as long as you operate in a non-profit, educational setting.


The materials also support two courses that we now teach in Coursera: Nand2Tetris Part I (hardware projects/chapters 1-6), and Nand2Tetris Part II (software projects/chapters 7-12). These courses are aimed at learners who wish to take the course at their own pace. Here is a two-minute video promo of Part I of the course.

Nand to Tetris courses are now taught at 200+ universities and high schools around the world. The students who take them range from high school students to Ph.D. students to Google engineers.


Instructors who wish to teach the course can contact schocken@gmail.com for additional course materials.