Cool graphics apps
made by Gavin Stewart, using Jack
Minecraft game
based on the Hack computer built in Nand to Tetris
Wired article
about the above game and the Nand to Tetris course
Tetris game
Made by Marc Dominik Migge, using Jack
Hackenstein 3D
Made by James Leibert, using Jack
Typing game
Made by Ido, using Jack
Snake game
Written in Jack
Life game
Developed by Robert Woodhead in the Hack assemlbly language, without any high-level or OS support.
FPGA implementation
of the Hack computer built in this course (Chinese)
Happy campers
Shimon and students from the 2012 Nand to Tetris course at Stanford
Pong Game
On steroids
The youngest Nand to Tetris student
Saad Nasser built our Hack computer when he was 11 years old, under the guidance of Gautam Doshi from Intel Bangalore
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