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This project is intended only for students who take the course "Nand to Tetris / Part I" via Coursera. If you take a Nand to Tetris course in some other framework, ignore this project and proceed to project 1.

This "project" is embarrassingly simple. You have to do two things:


  1. Download the Nand2Tetris software suite to your computer. To do so, go to the Software section of this website, and follow the instructions.

  2. Next, we want you to practice submitting a file from the course website in Coursera. Specifically, your task is to submit the file file.txt, whose path on your computer should be nand2tetris/projects/00/file.txt. Note that there is nothing special about this particular file; you have to submit it as is, so that we will have an indication that you managed to submit a file before you start working on the real projects. So, go to the course website in Coursera, and follow the submission instructions.

That's it! We promise that the next projects will be more interesting...

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